Why Us?

Why do people come back to Windshield Magic?

Insurance claims made stress-free!

The easiest way to file a glass claim is to call us and we will provide a three way call with your claims center.  We will have your claim filed in about 5-10 minutes.  We have direct billing with all insurance carriers so we are able to get the job scheduled and completed quickly so you can be safely on the road again.

We use only the best parts and materials.  If it’s not good enough for our vehicles, we won’t use it on yours.  We are not worried about being the fastest.  We are more concerned about doing things right than how many jobs we do that day.  It takes time to clean and remove all the old glue, prep things and for primers to dry before installation.  All glued-in windshields are primered on both the chassis and the glass surfaces.