Q:  Will I need to REPAIR or REPLACE my windshield?

A:  Most insurance companies indicate that if the damage to your windshield is larger than the size of a half dollar, or the damage is located in the driver’s line of sight then the windshield should be replaced.

Q:  How long will my repair or replacement take? (See below for RV)

A:  In many cases, windshield repairs can be completed in 30 minutes or less. Automotive windshield replacement will generally leave your car out of service for 3 hours from the time we begin the work to being safe to drive. In most cases, we can get you scheduled for service the next day.  In case of an emergency, we will do what we can to provide same day service.

Q:  This is my third broken windshield.  Will my insurance rates go up if I get it replaced?

A:  As a general rule, no. Your insurance rates should not increase due to auto glass replacement.  Insurance companies do not factor glass claims by themselves into the equation when determining your risk assignment or your insurance rates.  Unlike accidents, windshield replacements are no-fault comprehensive claims.


Most insurance companies use a third-party billing network owned or affiliated with national auto glass chains.  They will assign your insurance claim work and they will often recommend their shops as the only choice.  By law, YOU can choose who does the work.




Q:  Does the gasket need to be replaced at the time the glass is replaced?

A:  In almost all cases, no.  The gasket should be reused unless it has been damaged.  There is always a chance that the opposite side could break or the paint lines not lining up like the old gasket.

Q:  Why is my windshield cracked without any sign of a chip or other damage?

A:  In most cases, these cracks are referred to as “stress” cracks.  A stress crack is usually from the pressure of excessive twisting while driving on uneven ground or leveling your coach.

Q:  How long does my motorhome need to sit after windshield installation?

A:  Set time always depends on the type of installation.  Some gasket set windshields can be driven right away.  Others may need to sit an entire day.  Glued in windshields are a minimum of 4 hours.